Ten Tips That Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Facebook Advertising Game



If you have a business it will be very important for you to have a good business relationship with Facebook as 79% of internet users are on Facebook. However, having this relationship is not always easy as Facebook comes up with different updates every few weeks that can take up a lot of time and effort to keep in touch with.
It is important that you do not get overwhelmed by these updates and different features. The secret of keeping up with Facebook is to learn a few essential hacks for Facebook and use them across all of your ad campaigns.

Get to Know Your Customers

When you want to advertise your service or product on Facebook you need to first know your customer base well enough so that you can create a high quality targeted Facebook ad. A good audience match can help you gain more engagement with your customer. You can create slightly different ads for different target audiences.

Use Advance Facebook Audience Features

Facebook marketing Singapore gives you the flexibility to choose your audience. It can be highly useful for you to target people on the basis of their interests. However, the real benefits of Facebook marketing are that there are advanced features that can help you target a custom audience and audiences that look like your custom audience. Your target audience should include previous visitors from your website, visitors to the landing page, or blog readers.
Make a High-Value Offer

The best Facebook ad is one that has a call to action button and that is a one-liner that highlights how the product or the service can be useful to the customer.

Have an Original Design
Facebook has heaps of images that pop up onto the scene every single day. If your ad resembles these images and posts then it is very easy for the potential customer to overlook the ad. On the other hand, if you come up with an original design that can stand out from the crowd it can make your ad more noticeable to the potential customer thus gaining more attention toward your brand.

Avoid Repetition

Posting the same ad multiple times in hopes of gaining more attention can be a lost cause. You have to create different types of ads for different audiences. Make sure that you bring out your creative side while creating your ads.

Avoid excessive A/B Testing

One of the major mistakes that many social media marketers have made at the beginning of their career is running an A/B Test with not enough data and too many variables. Along with this if you create a Facebook ad split test that has too many variables you won’t be able to know which of the variables were responsible for the change in outcome.

Track Campaign Results

Each Facebook campaign has its own goal, thus it is important to track the results of your campaign based on the goal that you wanted to achieve. For example, if your goal was to increase the amount of revenue then you have to check sales whereas for more brand awareness check blogs and time spent on the blog.
The Main Focus of Your Campaign Needs To Be Conversion
The type of campaign that you carry out matters a lot in what kind of results you will get. Think about the goal that you want to achieve and choose a campaign that is closest to that goal.

Let Facebook Optimization Do Its Job

Facebook probably knows more about your potential customers than you so by choosing the auto-optimize algorithm Facebook knows who to deliver your ads to based on past conversions.

Use automated rules by Facebook

This option makes it very easy especially if you have multiple campaigns that are running at the same time.For more information get in touch with experts that provide this facebook marketing services like the VISIBILITI Online Advertising Singapore