Merits of Mobile App for a Small Business

Before discussing the merits offered by an app for the development of a small business it is imperative to find out whether having an app will really make sense for your small business. In reality, apps are usually known to operate well for a majority of small business. However, they may not be the right tool for all.

In case your honest answers to the following asked question are yes, then it may be the proper time you for considering the creation of a mobile app for your business.

1. Will you really benefit when you develop the capability of reaching your customers round the clock?

2. Do you think that having a mobile app can really benefit your small business?

While it may be difficult to resist the temptation of reaching out to your customers 24/7, how do you exactly benefit from that? It is important for you to be aware of this before starting this journey so that you do not nurture any type of unrealistic expectations. For instance if you have a mobile app with discounts and rewards, your business may benefit by drawing the customers shop your products or services repeatedly. Tracing your return on investment (ROI) may not be an easy task as you mobile app may be available only as a support for your small business. Yet it is still possible to define the meaning of success for your mobile app.

Merits of a mobile app versus other mediums of marketing

Mobile marketing versus social media

Social media is still regarded as a relatively new medium. Several small businesses have started testing with their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. There is a steep competition and it is not just limited to your retail rivals.

It should be understood that when people are active on social media, they may not be trying to buy something ideally. Their main aim is to find out what is happening to their friends or posting updates about what has been happening in their own lives and catching up with friends. Thus, your business profile may be in direct competition with several other things that the users may find even more exciting.

Mobile marketing versus email marketing

Many businesses still use email marketing as a tool for their marketing and promotional activities. But there is no assurance that your mail recipients will see or read your emails even if they have subscribed to your list. Mobile apps come with a feature called “push notification”. They are updates that are received on your smartphone to make you aware that something new is happening in an installed app. While push notifications may occur due to different reasons, there is a common thing between all of them. They will get read. You can also hire an online marketing agency to take care of your marketing needs .

Advertising and Marketing In Singapore

Products and services are meant for sale. Any company that manufactures a product or a company that provides a certain type of service, their aim is always to sell their products and services respectively. For any business to run successfully, that is, make profit from its revenue, selling oneself is the ultimate mantra. However, to sell something, the object of sale has to make itself saleable in the market, or at least make oneself appear saleable in the market. It should always highlight its salient features and make its weaknesses appear as inconsequential. This is where advertisement or marketing strategies come into the picture.

A product or service’s fate depends on how it has been marketed. Even products with less merit and poor quality find themselves in demand in the market, all because of the way it has been made to appear to its target audience. Contrary to that, good products and services fail to make their mark in spite of having huge scope because of poor marketing strategies. Marketing strategies is the key to a product or service’s salability in the market. This is the reason that the advertising agencies are so sought after. The creative minds in these places ensure good marketing of a product.

In Singapore where business and industry is flourishing, it is inevitable that there will be agencies that would help in marketing of products and services. These agencies find the best clientele in the cosmopolitan business hub of Asia. It is like a symbiotic relationship. The agencies help to market their clients’ products while they find their business in the clients’ demands for good marketing strategy. Often this marketing is done through social media, especially Facebook, the most widespread forum. Thus Facebook marketing in Singapore is quite widespread and common as it helps to reach out to many people.

Facebook marketing in Singapore is also common because it a form of digital marketing, whereby at a very small cost a lot of marketing can happen. It is as if without spending lakhs on advertising shoots, a product is placed in front of its buyers through just one click. However, to make the buyers want to click, is where the creative mind of the digital marketing strategists come into play. They use their creative faculties to the fullest to make a product or service appear at its best to the buyers. Thus advertising and marketing through digital forums is quite common in Singapore.

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